Recalled diplomats suffering abroad: no water, electricity, and eviction by landlords

As government continue to spend carelessly on tax payers money, my Malawi Punch investigations has discovered that about 80 families who were recalled on political grounds since the DPP got into government are all suffering abroad as government fails to to take care of them.

Currently the 80 families are leaving in houses with disconnected water, electricity and suffering in the hands of landlords as they have gone months without paying rentals and their Children can’t go to school.

The 80 families to be taken home along their belongings each needs to pay for a 20 foot container to a tune of $50000 which means $4 million is needed equivalent of K3.2 billion.

This is amount is minus air tickets for the families, it is very pathetic countries all over the world are laughing at Malawi saying how can diplomats suffer this way. It is my hope that this failed government will do the necessary to come to the rescue of the suffering diplomat and their families asap.

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