Is Prophet Bushiri Not A Malawian And Why Is The DPP Threatened?

One of Malawi’s upcoming renowned prophet who has made his name through God worshipping and made himself fortunes is a talk of the country in Malawi. The Man of God who has felt in his sense to help the struggling nation due to hunger and other ills is being pushed left and right. The ruling party is on his neck blocking his efforts to help the country devastated by economic turmoil and corruption.

Prophet Bushiri is seen as an enemy of the country because of his fortunes. The government that has run out of ideas and means to correctly run the country is doing everything it can to make sure Prophet Bushiri remains in South Africa. Rumours are making rounds that President Peter Mutharika is having sleepless nights seeing the prophet doing charity work with his hard earned fortunes. Peter Mutharika and his state machines are scared that Prophet Bushiri is using his fortunes in order to take over the government in 2019.

Prophet Bushiri is a Malawian by birth and his citizenship is Malawian, if he use the money he has to garner support and harbour political ambitions who has the power to stop him? Are there laws in Malawi that says if you are a prophet you cannot run for presidency?

State machinery of DPP under Peter Mutharika are out there for misplaced priorities. If Bushiri is using the money that he has for the country with the intention that he want to run for presidency or join politics it is his birth right and no one not even Peter Mutharika has the power to stop him. He is the son of the soil he is at liberty to do anything he wants with his money in the country. DPP must stop tormenting the young man and let him use his money as he pleases.

The government and all of us must instead appreciate having a person in young Bushiri who is willing to share his sweat with his fellow Malawians.

DPP is warned to stop torturing the young prophet in whatever help he is to give the country. We have and are aware that his late brother Bingu Wa Mutharika stole from the poor country over MK92 billion and Peter Mutharika is implicated in the theft of MK577 billion the issue that is making them failing to drink water because the country is angry against them.

There is no day that Peter Mutharika or his government stood up and tell citizens of the country that they will use the stolen money to buy maize for the suffering and hungry millions in the country. Yet Bushiri with his clean money is feeding citizens that the government and Peter Mutharika is impoverishing and failing to feed.

We are twinkled to have heard the third largest party in the country standing at a rally and speak on behalf of the man of God. Is Peoples Party the newspaper of the prophet or there is more than what the eyes see?

Prophet Bushiri is a Malawian and whatever he decides to do concerns no one. What is the fuss all about? Who is cashing on it and for what? Is Prophet Bushiri the child or the mother of Peoples Party why is a political party concerned and involved in the affairs of the prophet? If anything why is his church not making statements about his intentions? Peoples Party must concentrate on issues of politics and push the thieves in the government out and make sure all are nailed and see all the money returned into the state.

Prophet Bushiri! You are the son of the soil, you are a bona fide citizen, you are a Malawian and thank God for giving you fortunes, we are glad one of us is such rich and thank you for not being greed like the people we have in the government.

You never stole the money you have from no one, you worked hard on your own and on your own you compassionately felt that your fellow citizens are dying of hunger you gracefully decided to share your wealth with poor and chained Malawians, that is more of human and Godly.

We have people sitting at state house they stole billions of our money and hid in offshore accounts they are still sitting at state house and capital hill still stealing. Despite the economic down turn and El Nino that have devastated the country none of them including the Silver Gray and Bineth Foundations that stole a lot are providing relief food to our dying and affected citizens.

Rumours are making rounds that you are not in good books with the sitting government because in distributing food to fellow citizens you are sounding a bell telling Peter Mutharika to leave office in 2019. How we wished it could be true.

That guy need to get out of state house not because we hate him but he is a thief, a greedy thief that is not supposed to be treated with remorse.

He stole MK577 billion and his brother stole MK92 billion; the MK577 billion is shared with the ministers in his government. Despite the names leaked and offices of the nation pronounced themselves that seven of the ministers are involved he is playing games with the citizens telling us that he do not know of the names and challenge us that if we have the names we must give him. What type of the president is he who challenges people that way?

Prophet Bushiri if you still have enough resources to help citizens do so, you would rather be working with international organizations to help dying citizens in our country.

If you feel Malawians must give back by returning the further in giving you a vote in 2019, you are welcome. No one can stop you from doing what you want in your mother land. If you really harbour the ambitions of politics and becoming the president of Malawi it is the citizens who can stop you or anoint you, not the Utopian, not Peter Mutharika and not NIB or Malawi Police.

Therefore you must not be scared with people that are afraid of their own shadows. Those people are aware that they do not have any chance. Their lies and smear campaign against Joyce Banda has failed. Malawians are aware of the truth.

The biggest thief is not sitting in exile the biggest and worst thief is sitting at state house and the other lying in state at Ndatha Estate.

You are welcome brother to do anything you want in Malawi. We have reverends who ply politics and have respect in the country, you too can if you wish. Do not stop assisting suffering Malawians because of a handful men and women of greed.

In closing I would like to sound this to all citizens of Malawi. We are activists of our nation and its future.

Our quietness towards evil and greed will bear heavy consequences on us as well as the generations thereafter.

This is the man of God that has bailed out millions from hunger, bailed a university in the north for an office block , he bailed out a national team from failing to attend AFCON in Guinea.

Among the greedy guys who are sitting at state house and capital hill who has personally bailed out the country in any sector? Is there any person that has donated to the people of Malawi?

Yet we know that these thugs have MK577 billion, MK92 billion and they are still swindling out from the poor.

They have raised tariff, fines, and tax knowing that they want to steal more. When need come for citizens to be given food they rush for international help.

Greedy people are not supposed to be in the government and that’s for sure. Peter Mutharika must be the last greedy person to be elected into office.

According to Malawi Punch Major 1 has got no intention for World leadership but doing what God sent him to do to this World.

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri

Saunders Jumah the Utopian
Mzika Za Mdziko Movement [MZM]
Malawi Freedom Network [MFN]
Malawi Watch
Citizen no. 16,999,999.

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