Proffessor Mathews Chikaonda To Contest For 2019 Presintial Race

Proffessor Matthews Chikaonda to contest in the 2019 presidential elections as UTP president Malawi Punch can reveal.

Professor Mathews Chikaonda

Professor Mathews Chikaonda

One of the active economists Proffessor Matthews Chikaonda is expected to retire as Group Chief Executive of Press Corporation Limited and join politics by sitting for the newly formed party named United Transformation Party (UTP) as a president.

The party general consists of some political recycles and first attempt politicians.

Currently UTP is run by a former Malawi Confederation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry president Newton Kambala as a temporary president but all official party meetings are hosted by Chikaoneka as the party president in waiting.

In an interview with UTP secretary general Alex Solanke said the party will be officially launched next year January and it will have troops all over the country when it is officially launched.

He also explained the reason behind the formation of the party as to ease mistreated Malawians in different sectors of financials and livelihoods.

“Malawians have been lacking effective leadership for the past 52 years of independence, they have been mistreated in their financial root sources and freedom so we have created this party to transform Malawi to a better prosperous nation standing on its own feet with poverty dramatically reduced,” said Solanke.

However Solanke added that UTP means transformation of the people and aim at ending “growing inequality” in the country.

Currently the party consists of several known political recycles including lawyer Edwin Banda, William Jalani, Ian Kanyuka, Eunice Makangala and Moses Kunkuyu,Janet Chikoko, Charles Mwambyale and Nevert Gondwe.

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