Polytechnic students to hold demonstrations

Students from the Malawi Polytechnic, a constituent college of the University of Malawi are planning to start their lawful and peaceful demonstrations, Friday. A development which has seen Chancellor College being closed in Zomba as goverment refuses to listen to their queries.

According to sources from the Polytechnic, some students feel that as far as the issue of fees hiking is concerned, negotiations will not help them solve the puzzle they are in and the best option is to go in highway on Friday to hold peaceful demonstrations and force the authorites to respond to their demands over the new fees structure.

“On Friday we should make sure that our voices are heard by holding demonstrations, if we do not fight back who fight for us? It is now or never, we need to burn our fire. Lets show those poor decision makers that not even single university agrees with fees hiking by making highway not passable for just a day” ,said one student who is in the group of those organizing the demonstrations to Malawi Punch.

Some student alleged that University of Malawi (UMSU) and Polytechnic Students Union (PSU) have failed them and their last hope is to hold peaceful demostrations. Meanwhile govt has failed to respond to the similar calls by Chanco students and they have since closed the school. It must noted that in 2011 Chanco was closed while President Muthatika the chancellor of UNIMA was minister of education and the current mimister of education Fabiano was vice chancellor of UNIMA.

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