Police, JB’s Aide In Blame Game Over Nkhatabay Residence Robbery

A blame game has ensued between the police and former president Joyce Banda’s spokesperson Andekuche Chanthunya over a robbery incident which took place at Banda’s private residence in Nkhatabay district weeks ago.

Chanthunya is accusing the law enforcers of delaying the investigations suspecting they are up to something.

On the other hand, the Police are accusing those from the former head of state’s side of failing to provide them with the account detail of what was in the house for them to easily note what is really missing.

“We would have loved if the former president or somebody close came to us and list all the items she left in the house so that we can identify the lost ones and their value. Otherwise, in our intelligence, we don’t think someone can break into such a high profile house and go away with beddings, music system and utensils as currently believed” said Nkhatabay Police Spokesperson Ignatius Esau.

But Chanthunya has trashed Esau’s claims saying someone with the account details of what was in the house already visited Chintheche police and provided them with information and that should not be an excuse.

He blamed the police for cooking up excuses suspecting they are up to something. Meanwhile, the police said they have recovered some of the stolen items that include kitchen utensils, drugs and detergents.

According to Publicist Esau, the items were found in the house of a renowned criminal in Nkhatabay identified as Ian Khumalo but he is still at large.

Immediately after the robbery, it was claimed that the robbers went away with very important documents belonging to the former head of state.

All this is happening as the former president is still abroad. She left the country in 2014 immediately after losing the presidential elections.

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