Police Foil Armed Robbery In Nkhata-Bay

Police in Nkhata-Bay district on Monday night foiled an attempted armed robbery at PUMA Filling Station.

Nkhata-Bay Police Publicist, Igneous Esau said three armed robbers who attacked the filling station failed to accomplish their intended mission after police in the district intervened.

“The unknown criminals who were armed with panga-knives and breaking implements invaded the filling station and attacked the watchman who was on duty and tied him up with ropes, before breaking into the office where they attempted to break the cash chest but they failed,” said Esau.

He further said the other watchman escaped unhurt and managed to alert police who quickly rushed to the scene.

“With the escaping of the other watchman, the robbers sensed danger and left the scene leaving behind craw-bars, cutters, panga-knives, snappers, hack saw and screw driver”.

He has since urged people to be vigilant for any suspicious occurrence in the district, and also warned business owners to enhance their security.

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