Police Brutality: Malawi Police Beat UP People In Blantyre

Malawi Police officers on Tuesday evening stormed the Blantyre and Limbe central business districts (CBDs), beating people mercilessness without any explanation.

Mobile Police Force (MPF) officers joined by their colleagues from general police section mounted roadblocks along the Chipembere Highway, searching vehicles and beating any person they came across.

The officers, without explanation, demanded every person to vacate the two towns or else face unspecified consequences. Those who were on their way home from their businesses and offices had to bear the torture of rushing home and were slapped/beaten by the visibly angry law-enforcers.

Minibus drivers and vendors were main victims of the police brutality, which has never happened before.

However, the law-enforcers have defended their conduct, saying it was a normal police operation. Surprisingly, there is no law that empowers police officers to beat up people anyhow or demand them to vacate towns and cities without valid justifications.

Most interestingly, some of the shops and companies operating in the said towns have licences that allow them to operate up to 10pm, and the police conduct surely impacted heavily on their performance.

National Police Public Relations Officer Nicholas Gondwa said that the officers were just conducting their normal duties, and were trying to bring sanity on the city.

“The officers are trying to give law abiding citizens maximum security while at the same time also scaring away criminals,” said Gondwa.

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