Police Blame Relatives For Fueling Albino Killings

Relations are the ones on forefront fueling the abduction and killing of people with albinism aside exhuming their body parts, Malawi police have said.

And while concurring with the police, Association of Persons with Albinism (APA) has also blamed the increased albino killings on conmen.

Gondwa: Relatives are to blame

Gondwa: Relatives are to blame

Speaking during Tikhale Tcheru programme monitored on MBC television, National police Public Relations officer, Nicholas Gondwa disclosed that investigations revealed that relatives for people with albinism were the ones fueling the malpractice.

“It is very sad development; our investigations discovered that it is the relatives of the victims who are on forefront fueling this practice. How can one from Blantyre know a graveyard of albino in area they have never been before? People with albinism bank their trust on relatives, not knowing they have twisted mind,” explained Gondwa.

Malawi is grappling with a spate of abductions and killings of people with albinism whose body- parts are believed by some misled sections of the society that can magically be used to make one rich.

However, Gondwa said based on interrogations with arrested culprits; there is no proof to this theory.

One of the exhumed albino bodies

One of the exhumed albino bodies

“No-one has ever confessed to have become rich by selling body parts of an albino. Every culprit we have interrogated never confessed to have made money through such evil act”.

He added: “Malawi use to be a peaceful and loving nation until 2014 end when cases of albino abduction, killing and graveyard exhuming started. Police intensified patrols and security checks to curb the
malpractice. It stopped until last year”.

Gondwa admitted that the law-enforcers might have relaxed in providing security to people with albinism until the malpractice resurfaced, saying now they are using every platform including churches and mosques to ensure people understand the ills of such conduct.

Meanwhile, Gondwa has urged Parliament to consider amending the country’s laws to accommodate stiffer punishment on those implicated in albino killings.

Speaking in the same programme, executive member for Association of Persons with Albinism (APA), Alex Machila said now people with albinism live in fear considering that some ill-minded people believe
their body parts can be traded.

“It’s very painful and distressful, instead of regarding each other as citizens of this nation; some have chosen to victimize people with albinism. It’s just the color of skin but there is nothing special to
albinism. We are not different from any other person apart from skin pigment. Conmen are fueling the killing of albinos; they are creating insecurity to people with albinism,” said Machila.

Machila said was happy with Malawi police efforts and called on journalists to investigative deeply on what is happening and who is fueling the killing of people with albinism.

“We are concerned that there is no law dealing with such cases. Courts can’t help due to lack of such laws.  We are calling for protection as provided for in the Constitution. We seek love from Malawians, we are all one,” he added.

Tikhale Tcheru is television programme sponsored by Malawi Gaming Board (MGB) and is aired very Saturday afternoon on MBCtv and repeated on Monday 16:30 hours.

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