Police Arrest Two Men For Fake Kwacha Notes

Police in Mulanje district are keeping in custody two men who were found in possession of fake local currency amounting to K61, 100.

The two are Julius Kachala, 35, of Matunduluzi village, T/A Kalolo in Lilongwe district and 28-year-old Chimwemwe Richard, of Kathumba village, T/A Mabuka in Mulanje district.

fake Malawi Kwacha notes in circulation

fake Malawi Kwacha notes in circulation

“On Wednesday (11th May) Richard went to Mizimu Trading Centre to buy some groceries at a certain shop. But after being suspicious of a K500 note that he produced, the shop owner reported to police (Mathambi police unit) who followed up the matter,” explained Mulanje police Publicist Gresham Ngwira.

A police search at Richard’s house found K1, 000 and K500 fake notes amounting to K3, 000. He was arrested immediately.

Ngwira said Kachala was arrested on Saturday (14th May) when he tried to buy some items using the fake bank notes at Chitakale Trading Centre.

“While there he produced some fake notes as payment for the goods. Police were alerted and when a search was conducted, he was found with about K58,100 fake notes including the money he paid for the goods”.

Among other notable features on these fake bank notes are numbers. For example, all the K200 notes have one number AK2355660, K500 notes have AM6056778 while k1,000 notes have AX7999823.

“The money will be sent to Reserve Bank of Malawi (RBM) for examination. Investigations are currently continuing,” he added.

The suspects are expected to arraign on charges of being Found in Possession of Fake Currency contrary to Section 23 (2b) of Reserve Bank Act.

“Meanwhile we wish to advise the public to be careful with unscrupulous people who want to dupe others by using fake currencies in exchange for goods and services. Further, we would like to warn all people indulging in the malpractice that police will not let them scot-free; we will arrest and prosecute them accordingly”.

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