The president must stop intimidating his citizens and critics
The president must stop shielding his ministers from prosecution for Cashgate cases terming them as His abakha who are swimming into the well denying Malawians a chance to drink clean water.

Michael Usi AKA Manganya made the remarks during the Sunday lecturer at Comesa Hall, Bills before being tabled in the Parliament must be first translated into local language for common understanding by the MPs and the entire citizens.

This was in reference to just passed land bill saying the demand for land owners(citizens) to pay registration fee on their own land is a day light robbery
The president must stop inducing wars which he sees he can’t finish them up.(??????? Free advice)) in Manganya words

The president must make sure the authority and duty delegation must be done based on persons capability and potentiality.He says things normally go wring because the individuals who are usually entrusted with power are incompetent and not legible.

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