Parliament is expected to debate 10 bills during the current sitting,political parties bill and aviations bill included

Speaker of parliament Richard Msowoya on Monday afternoon told the parliament that the house will start discussing two bills on Tuesday morning which are the Malawi housing cooperation amendment bill and registered land amendment bill.

He said these two bills needed to be tackled and dealt with in good time so that Malawians understand them better.

Apart from the outstanding business on the previous meeting  the house has also introduced ten new bills in this seating which includes aviation bill and political parties bill.

According to speaker of the parliament Richard Msowoya the bills are crucial and essential for the nation and for all the MP’s so that they understand them what they need.

On another note the speaker of parliament Richard Msowoya told the parliament that the people should not be surprised with the way the minister of sports and counsel Mr Henry Mussa who has an injury on his right arm dressed.

He said he will not be dressing according to the house rules as of now until he gets better when he will return to the normal dressing.

The parliamentary house room also welcomed a new member from Mchinji west Jester Mwale for making it to the house.

Later on the speaker alerted the house that he has received communications from the MCP party that the party no longer recognise the Mp for Salima central Felix Jumbe as its member the same with Mp for Zomba Mtonya Dr Patrick Makina who is no longer a member for PP after his party also declared that he is an independent member.

The two Monday afternoon in the chamber were seen sitting on the independent side

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