PAC’s Appointment Challenged: Paul Taulo Confirmed Director

Some members of the Public Appointments Committee (PAC) are challenging the appointment of Paul Taulo as new director of Public Procurement.

Some of the PAC members believe that Taulo does not have experience to manage such high public office.

Taulo confirmed director

Taulo confirmed director

One of the committee members who is not satisfied with the development told the press that Taulo has been appointed as the new director simply because his association with Muhlako Wa Alhomwe tribal grouping and not for his professional expertise.

“We all know Taulo has been appointed because he used to be involved in the Muhlako Wa Alhomwe, his qualifications don’t match the office’s credibility,” said the disgruntled committee member.

The committee member also said that other members in the committee share his sentiments about Taulo’s academic qualifications; Edward Jeke who is the deputy director of the Office of the Director of Public Procurement (ODPP) is the right candidate.

“Our mandate was to assess and confirm or reject the appointment and in the end, the committee was of the view that he should be given a chance,” he added.

President Peter Mutharika appointed Taulo to replace Dye Mawindo who retired after serving at the helm of the Office of the Director of Public Procurement (ODPP) since 2012 and now is chief executive officer (CEO) Millennium Challenge Account-Malawi (MCA-M) taking over from Susan Banda .

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