Ntcheu Albino Killers Arrested In Salima, Found With 8 Bones

Police in Salima have arrested two suspects identified as Kenneth Moses Nkhoma, 27 years old and Helbert Maloni, 39, in connection to the recent brutal murder of an albino person in Ntcheu district.

The two were arrested on Wednesday 1st June, 2016 at Chipoka Roadblock.

According to police, Nkhoma was employed by Sergeant Steven Mizere of Parachute Battalion in Salima as a shopkeeper in his shop at Kamuzu Road for a year and half.

Bones of albinos- file photo

Bones of albinos- file photo

He left the job on his own and went to his home in Ntcheu last year.

On 31st May, 2016, Nkhoma and Maloni approached Mizere if he could by human bones.

Mizere, who is married to a Police woman, informed his wife who later informed Salima Police Management. Mizere was advised to accept the deal and arrangements were made to arrest the suspect.

On Wednesday, Mizere, being accompanied by his fellow soldier was provided with a civilian vehicle to meet the suspect as Police team positioned at Chipoka Roadblock.

The suspects were arrested and were found with eight bones suspected to be of human beings. After enquiries, they revealed that they are the ones who killed an albino person in Ntcheu.

The suspects also mentioned other suspects who were involved in the act.

Meanwhile, police are hunting for the remaining suspects. The two will be repatriated to Ntcheu where they will answer the charges of Murder.

Kenneth Moses Nkhoma and Helbert Maloni hail from Zintambira village and Chalera village respectively both under Traditional Authority Chakhumbira in Ntcheu district.

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