No K2000 in Minibuses, conductors ask passengers towards K2000 bank note circulation on December 19.

As the days are moving fast towards the circulation of the recently announced K2000 bank note Minibus conductors in the country have asked passengers to keep away from paying bus fare using the K2000 bank note.


Speaking with Malawi punch reporter Mavuto Gama a conductor working in Blantyre routes described the development as worrisome to them, saying it will be very difficult to get change if 2 or 3 passengers pay their bus fares using that big money.

“Imagine the route of K150 or K200 five people giving you K2000 each, it will be hard for us to get change for them that’s why we are asking our fellow Malawians to keep away from using this money in minibuses to make our job easy and to avoid delaying them as we go around looking for their Change”. Gama explained.

Gama went further by giving Example of South Africa which he said the big bank note is R200 but people does not use it to pay for  their Taxi fares, they rather use small bank note like R20 or R50 so Malawians should also evade using K2000 bank note which is nicknamed  chi Trump after America’s president victory.

However the interviews that Malawi Punch had with some passengers in Limbe Cleary indicates that the time for the conductor to suffer and to sweat in looking for the Trump change is now, as many seem not to be concerned with the conductors request by saying  Asova  the word which is commonly used by youths in Malawi this days.

Out of 20 passengers that Malawi Punch Spoke to in Limbe yesterday only 5 agreed to the conductors appeal while 15 seem not to be shaken with the development, claiming it’s the duty of the conductor to look for the change, saying what the conductors  are saying is nonsense

The K2000 bank note will start circulating on December 19, 2016.

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