No April Salaries for Patricia Kaliati’s Ministry Employees

While Minister of Information, Communication, technology and Civic Education Patricia Kaliati is busy pocketing allowances on so-called familiarization tours within the ministry and beyond, its employees are bracing for hard times as there is no money for salaries, Malawi Punch can reveal.

A confidential communiqué which Malawi Punch has sourced signed by Director of Administration, reveals that the employees will not be paid their April salaries, atleast not any time soon, as there is no funding from Treasury.

“I write to inform you that members of staff will receive salaries a bit late due to late funding salaries by Ministry of Finance, (Treasury),” reads the communiqué in part.

The communiqué addressed to Director of Information, Director of E-Government, Director of Tourism and Secretary for the Ministry further revealed that the ministry’s salaries provisions for certain cost centres on Vote 330, were already depleted, making it impossible for the ministry to pay its employees on time.

“Nevertheless, management has already approached Treasury to redress this anomaly at the earliest convenience. Your understanding on the matter is highly appreciated and in the same vein, I would like to request you to inform all members of staff in your department of this development”.

Malawi continues to experience economic hardship with high inflation rate. And several ministries are failing to pay their employees due to lack of funds at the central government.

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