”We need to employ professional people on merit,”-chilima

Vice president Saulos Chilima  admitted the government is oversized and bloated.



Speaking in a radio interview on Sunday, Chilima admitted the government is oversized and bloated.

“But the solution is not downsizing it because this would contribute to the high unemployment rate,” he said.

Chilima said the government officials have agreed not to employ more civil servants inorder to check the size of the civil service.

The IMF says the civil service is bloated and it is a drain on public purse because of the bloated wage bill which they say will force the economy to fall completely if unchecked.

The Civil Servants Trade Union officials say 45 per cent of the people in government are on non established positions, people who work as public officers appointed by the president.

The veep however urged both the private sector and the government to employ people on merit.

“We should not employ people just because we go with them to the same church or they are neighbours or because we come from the same village. We need to employ professional people on merit,” he said.

Chilima was also upbeat that the reforms he is championing are working to the best of the country

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