Gerald Mzaza Nkhata: Blew the whistle

Gerald Mzaza Nkhata: Blew the whistle

What is now a talk for the nation and many other international news groups all started when Gerrard Mzaza Nkhata posted on Facebook soon after UNGA a post saying that that the president is not well and want to resign.

It has now been confirmed to be true and The president is not fit to rule the nation later on to sign an documents according to Billy Mayaya and other CSOs but the news is worse. BUT WHAT EXACTLY IS THE PROBLEM

“The president should step aside but that will only happen if the people around him love him or else we are pushing him to an early grave,” said Mzaza Nkhata when he was approched to comment on what he know.

“They are failing to tell us the truth but what i know is that He has a Tumour. Apparently, my source says he has been having a partial paralysis of memory and slurred speech, he is not fit to rule,” said Mzaza Nkhata.

According to the outspoken analyst a Proper speech requires normal functioning, mainly brain and vocal cords (larynx). Damage or disease affecting any of these organs may cause slurred speech. Common causes of slurred speech include traumatic brain injury, stroke, and neuromuscular disorders.

“It sound bad that we are talking about it like gossip because the government does not want to come out yet at his age, we are doing him a big fovour unlike DPP official who are pushing him up and down instead of letting him lest under the care of family, friends and medical stuff.

“The are pushing him to an early grave but i would like to ask Malawians that lets pray for him but the first prayer before the prayer will be important. Ask God to tell you what to play for,” concluded Gerrard Mzaza Nkhata.

When Malawi Punch approached a DPP member of parliament he said “Yes we love our President, but we are not happy with how other officials are hiding from us what the President is going through,” said one outspoken DPP MP who refused to be named.

He added that the supporters looked stupid by wearing t-shirts that Mutharika is 100 percent fit which is a complete mockery to the President.

They said we were supposed to put on the t-shirts because people had been lying that our President was sick and that he was undergoing medical treatment in the USA.

“With the love that we have for our President we had no choice but to put on the t-shirts not knowing the President is really sick,” he said.

He added that the party’s top officials have made DPP look like a party of crooks.

“It is obvious by the look of the President that he is sick, he can hardly move his right arm, he is finding difficulties to speak propery and above all he cannot walk like he used to,” he said.

Mutharika arrived in Malawi from the USA yesterday in the afternoon through the Kamuzu International Airport.

Mutharika went to USA to attend the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), surprisingly he spent an additional three weeks without disclosing the objectives of his prolonged stay.

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