Mutharika Must Be Recalled From The Presidency


Concerned citizens through Saunders Juma have said that, even though the constitution of the Republic of Malawi is silent on Presidential recall, Peter Mutharika must be recalled from the Presidency for failing to run the country constitutionalconstitutionally.

Juma said iPIC12

n 2014 after the controversial elections that were mired by evident rigging, the courts of Malawi side lined the constitution which directs that a leader will be selected through a free and fair elections.

Malawi Electoral Commission registered a lot of irregularities that could put the whole process to null and void but courts of Malawi were driven by rage over the bad record that the incumbent government then led by Peoples Party under Joyce Banda were entangled in massive corruption that was nick named Cash Gate.

Courts of Malawi did not follow the constitutional procedure they were directed by the Electoral body’s rules that can easily be amended or repealed than the supreme law of the country called the Constitution.

Driven by anger no one took heed to what the then president suggested that elections be re-run within 90 days and that Joyce Banda being the presiding leader could not stand for re-election. Courts and almost all citizens were angered by the proposition [as nostrils never dreams of tomorrow] every one crushed the idea and opted to proceed with the status quo.

Resulting in Electoral Chief Maxson Mbendera announcing the winner who never won.

Many in the academic sector as well as the cross section of people predicted that since Peoples Party had lost elections and came a distant third, there was no need to let Joyce Banda cling at state house as anything could easily happen. Rigging, state plunder as she was known to be the swindler already no one wanted her to remain in power.

Pushing many in the law and constitutional expertriates resorting to what was regarded as a simple and minor error. The growing dissatisfaction over men against women to be at the helm led to making of Peter Mutharika the president of the republic.

Here we must confess that institutional powers in Malawi are not deep rooted for most of the decisions are derived from events not what the law and statuette books recites. People of Malawi with the fear of the unknown ended up putting in power the very unknown they feared.

Peter Mutharika had eloquently being a star promiser who pride himself against the ills and failure of Joyce Banda mainly because of Cash gate case. Many expected that with a man back in power the blasphemy of state plunder to the tune of MK30 billion that Malawians have bedeviled against Joyce Banda will not repeat itself.

Had we known okra was supposed to be in the pot before we could entice ourselves for the Guinea Fowl meat. Today we are all looking back and wish if Joyce Banda had continued, wishing even if she could rig elections for herself we could not be in the mess we are in today.

The man that we thought is more educated, more intelligent, more enlightened, more aware and light up in the brains has become an abomination that Malawi will regret to have for the next 52 years. The man lacks clue to what to do with the country and citizens, have no idea as to what and when to do the right thing, he is too blind to the needs and wishes of the country and its people.

Worst of all is the revelation that his brother stole MK92 billion and he is involved in the state plunder nick named mother of all Cash gates involving MK577 billion.

Caught pants down as the culprit in the scam of state plunder he is not eloquent any longer to say something understandable for the citizens and the World to hear instead he issues statements that one will ask whether there is any similarities with the case at hand.

Leaked information names him and his seven ministers as suspects involved in the scandal, not knowing how and what to say he ask citizens to bring the names. How can a man full as a president ask for names when names are everywhere in the media houses and are read in newspapers and private radios?

If he was logical enough couldn’t he inform Malawians knowledgeably that as head of state and government he has gotten names of the culprits from media but he will not act before the offices of Anti-Corruption Bureau and Malawi Police Service issues their warrants of arrest.

At least this could make some sense and logic but he says he do not have names and challenges citizens to provide names to him. If he say so, are the names leaking in media houses provided by ghosts? This is what we mean when we say Peter Mutharika is not a presidential material. There are people surround him who are cashing in on his dumbness.

If our civil society institutions were up to date, strong and functioning by standard, if our opposition parties were strong and up to the line, if citizens ever knew our liberties and rights over constitutional affairs Peter Mutharika was supposed to be recalled on various reasons.

Failing to govern by the rule of law, failure to defend, protect and preserve the constitution that he swore to uphold, being a suspect [thief] who is supposed to guard national pulse.

These are enough to seek for his recall or impeachment for he has outrightly failed. On our part Malawi citizens we look naive and stupid to be led by a thief, to be governed by a thief, to give our taxes to a thief. We are also stupid to let seven of the people in the government of the thief to keep using our tax payers limousine cars and salaries.

Kenneth Kaunda mocked us in the 1980s that Malawians are dead people because even if Kamuzu Banda turn us as chicken in a flying pan of cooking oil we just accept. I thought we did away with this the 31 years ago?

Until Peter Mutharika prove his case that he is not involved in the scandal of MK577 billion and have his estate investigated as to the source of his wealth, he cease to be the president of the Republic of Malawi.

Until the seven ministers come out clean and declare their wealth and its source they cease to be ministers of any government of the Republic of Malawi.

Any continuous stay and occupation of Peter Mutharika of the presidential seat is a crime that is prosecutable. Any continuous occupance of the seats of ministerial positions by the seven and any body who may have been involved in the grand cash gate scandal is punishable of high profile case that attracts Capital Punishment.

However the 8 culprits must not enjoy living posh on our tax money while we know that they are thieves. They must vacate state house, vacate capital hill stay home awaiting their day in court.

Government is not Mafioso where you can kill, steal and keep enjoying luxury. It is an office of transparency, accountability and rule of law observed by citizens.

As patriotic citizens we are not going to let the 8 thieves destroy our nation-hood and name.

Mzika Za Mdziko Movement [MZM]
Malawi Freedom Network [MFN]
Malawi Watch

Saunders Jumah the Utopian
Mzika 16,999,999.

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