Mutharika Demands Better Wages For Workers

Malawi President Peter Mutharika has demanded companies and organizations in the country to start offering good wage packages to their employees.

President Mutharika was speaking at Masintha ground in the capital city Lilongwe during the commemoration of World Labor Day on Sunday, May 1.

“Prominently, I called upon all employers to comply with my government’s regulations and standards on matters surrounding workers’ minimum wage, safety and health, social protection, rights at work and social dialogue,” said Mutharika.

“A motivated worker is an investment we all can count on in moving our great country forward both socially and economically”.

Mutharika promised that government will continue reaching out to labour unions so as to find lasting solutions to matters of labour rights.

“Emphasis on the issues in mention includes child rights. No child should work for pay instead of being in school. My government understands that our development as a country hinges on how we respond to labour issues, notably workers’ welfare and all relevant policies related to the same.

“I understand there are challenges the nation is passing through, but my government will make sure the welfare of workers is good. I know the challenges of teachers are and we are already engaged with the Ministry of Education in alleviating the concerns of teachers. We destroy a lot and gain a little if we rush into strikes instead of peaceful discussions to resolve the concerns, “he said.

President referred to an earlier Teachers Union of Malawi’s threat of holding a national wide strike this month if government would not listens to teachers’ grievances to do with salaries and arrears.

On the same, president of Malawi Congress of Trade Union (MCTU) Chauluka Muwake, asked Mutharika led government to consider improving the welfare of civil servants like promotions and fair wages.

Turning to employment and youth, Malawi leader said his government is doing everything possible in improving the lives of youths in the country, is intending to construct community technical colleges to equip young people with different skills to combat unemployment levels among them.

“Skilled labor creates industries to employ themselves and even others. That is why we are implementing community technical colleges in the country,” Mutharika repeated as he often repeat.  The Labor Day was commemorated under the theme ‘ Decent Work Reforms a Key to

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