The Mutharika Brothes The Worst Presidents Malawi Ever Had Since Independence

Bingu And Peter Mutharika

Bingu And Peter Mutharika


From 1964 till 1994 the first and founding leader of Malawi Dr. Hastings Kamuzu Banda was a dictator and killed opponents, those who did not oppose and followed lived happily, he was a man who made sure that all citizens lived uniformly.

The cracks and nepotism started gathering momentum when hench men and cohorts started taking advantage of his ailing age. Otherwise from North to South all were taken care off. At the core of hunger in 1980 when drought hit our nation, the country was faced with acute hunger the country had no reserve and people were dying of hunger.

A woman Madam Florence Tsamwa OLM stood and without mincing words told Kamuzu how citizens were dying of hunger. Kamuzu Banda ordered that no one must die of hunger in his country he quickly dispatched his ministers to fly to Kenya, South Africa and Brazil to buy maize in two weeks time the country was abundant in full supply.
This is the time we were introduced to Yellow Maize that we called Kenya. Hunger ended and citizens were given free maize not buying. This displayed the importance of paying tax to the government.

Though we complain of Kamuzu Banda having stolen MK22 billion am sure Malawians will not wish to take Kamuzu to task even he was alive today. All roads were graded including roads from my remote villages of Blantyre Rural West. There was a true feeling sense of the presence of government. In 1985 Malawi was faced by a Cholera outbreak that was killing citizens within hours but Kamuzu Banda dispatched government health officials across the country and the plague was tamed. Kamuzu Banda may have his ills but he had his goodies.

This is a man that we call affable, no one was arrested for accusing and criticising him, in many occasions he could console himself by saying he does not want to bring the Malawi of silence again therefore he is ready to bear the brunt of criticism and any harassment.

Most of the people that criticised Muluzi got lucrative jobs in the government and posted into missions. Examples are Kamlepo Kalua, Sudi Sulaimana and Akwete Sande, the list is endless. The killing of Evison Matafale if interrogated forensically will find that Malawi Police is to blame for they acted in a way of impressing the incumbent ruler, we do not want to agree that Muluzi directed the killing of my Rasta Brother from home.

Though he is blamed of amassing MK1700,000,000 billion it is because Malawians would like to establish the source of the money but as a beggar who used to openly say “Amangwetu inetu ndine president opemphapempha ndikatuluka kunja pa ntchito ya boma sindilephera kupempha ma president anzanga pa umphawi wa dziko langa”. This indicate the man was being given but I remember him addressing a rally at one point where he said “the Cake is too small but we must try and make sure that as little as it may be but each and every Malawian must have a share”.

Meaning from his effort he made sure that every one must be included in national development. To see him coming out with MK1.7 as his personal estate after state house for 10 years for jurisprudence yes there is need to establish the source but not necessarily a case for corruption. Well courts are there to determine.

This is the man who declared his wealth to be around MK150 million both in Malawi and Zimbabwe where his wife hailed. Meaning prior to becoming the president he had no more income or business that was making further profits. Declaring his assets was a democratic norm for the upcoming leader in the government.

I am sure he did this to despise his predecessor for he knew that he was going to take him to task once they cross ways. Instead of being the man who promised to be who he was as a man of zero tolerance against corruption. Bingu Wa Mutharika turned the tables and became the worst thief.

While he embarked on persecuting Muluzi on political grounds he did exactly what he was fighting against his predecessor. Within five years Muluzi had a mansion at his village in Thyolo district, within a short period of time the man had villas in Australia the birth place of Paladin mine that has branches in Namibia and Malawi exploiting Uranium.

From no further the man owned a Yacht and a hotel in Portugal the birth place of Mota Engil the Contractor that is winning all state contracts in the country. At his death in 2012 the man was MK92 billion rich, foreign currency was found scattered in his bed room and grave yard of his wife but the country was dry without fuel, energy, water and opponents were killed without mercy.

Robert Chasowa, 20 protesters including the author of this letter were his victims, if he could not kill you were jailed and police cells was your place. This is Bingu Wa Mutharika. Kamuzu Banda left power when the country was functioning very well socially as well as economically. Bakili Muluzi left power when economy and social standard was responding well.

When Bingu left power there was nothing that was moving. The economy had stopped completely to the point where foreign currency could not be found in the country, money to procure fuel was not there. The once basket full of maize had become empty. Local currency was nowhere to be seen till Bingu Wa Mutharika copied the style of Robert Mugabe his Mother in law nation to print vouchers or let me say coupons that are valueless as a currency.

Without God intervening and bring Joyce Banda in power, every one must ask themselves where was our country going to be today? This is food for thought [ Am not campaigning for her but you may know by now the philosophy of the Utopian; black is black and white is white, I do not call horse a donkey or donkey become a horse because some one want me to].

When Joyce Banda came into the government there was no start from, there nothing to touch. Inside there was fire burning outside fire was burning. Being a woman she stood up and hatched a team of young and able minded youth who under her instruction within a week the first tanker of fuel arrived in the country. Within days forex was available in banks, the substitute power plant that was stuck in Tanzania due to poor foreign policy of Bingu the plant was afoot into the country.

Foreign relations resurfaced and Britain redeployed her envoy into the country. Life began to move in Malawi. Malawians must confess that our stigma and devilish mind set against women leadership who flourish against men are a target to dethrone. Many within her own government as well as those who failed to entice military takeover plotted the downfall of the best woman president SADC has ever had. The actions of Lutepos, Mpinganjiras, Mussas, Kasambaras and insider conduits of DPP elements defamed the woman leader. The very pipes and syphon that Bingu was using did not stop hence implicating the lady Lion of Malawi.

By divine intervention the woman lost election so that Malawians must open our eyes to discover the bacteria source of our mess. Joyce Banda lost elections for the country and the world to see and identify the real culprits of our country mess and quagmire. Two years later revelations are coming that the MK30 billion that missed during the reign of the woman was a continuation of the system that had syphoned MK92 of Bingu and MK577 billion stolen by his younger brother and his minions most of who makes the inner circle of DPP of senior thief Bingu Wa Mutharika. Lutepos who came to destroy Joyce Banda was a king pin of the Mutharikas dirty mafioso.

Bearing in mind my previous article, jurisdiction in Malawi is events related not statuette. If the laws of Malawi are followed as per its jurisprudence Peter Mutharika the thief could not taste State House. But events related jurisdiction elevated the thief to the highest position.

The constitution of Malawi was belittled in favour of MEC amendable rules. When Peter Mutharika came in power he found Austerity measures and a blue print on the table, out of jealousy and ignorance, sick from myopia of leadership he burned and throw in the dust bin the workable instruments that was the anchor Joyce Banda was using to pull the country from the sunken sea bed. When Peter Mutharika threw out that the country that was half way out from the deep sea of economic down turn began sinking again. Two years later Malawi is a titanic.

Instead of being a man enough his propaganda has been to denounce his predecessor as the architecture of Malawi’s down fall. Unfortunately revelations has come out that the grand cash gate of Malawi is not of MK30 billion but MK577 and MK92 billion whose suspects are ministers in the very government that Peter Mutharika leads. Five names have been made public but two are held in absolute secrecy which literally indicate the missing names are of the two thieves Peter Mutharika the president and his brother.

Bingu Wa Mutharika and his younger brother have entered in the Guinness book of records as the worst thieves Malawi and SADC have ever had in half a century. Being such a notorious thief the man is refusing to resign or step aside. He is resisting to bring to the public his accomplices of seven in his cabinet. The laws of Malawi are sleeping they are stagnant to wake up and tell Peter Mutharika to go.

All these are happening when tax payers are sleeping on roots as food, going days without electricity, going towards a week without water. Corruption has intensified as minions and their brothers in DPP are on collateral damage with the thief number two. DPP and Peter Mutharika know very well that their time is over but have embarked on a marathon campaign of swindling the last Kwacha. In two years time cash gate is reported from every angle of government. The thief cannot man handle or apprehend a thief rather they keep stealing till the police arrives.

Malawi Police Service, Anti Corruption Bureau have stopped to be dogs. Citizens are now taking over to do the rightful job for our country. Knowing that thieves have infiltrated state institutions there is no way mafioso of Peter Mutharika and his team will face justice. These thieves will only dance the lyrics of justice only if and when we as citizens apprehend them.

Citizens must start garnering and develop muscles for we are to embark on a crusade of bringing sanity in our country and arrest all thieves.

Mzika Za Mdziko Movement [MZM]
Malawi Freedom Network [MFN]
Malawi Watch
Saunders Jumah the Utopian
Mzika no. 16,999,999.

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