MPs told to use common sense and take Chaponda to task for corruption before allowing him embezzle agriculture billions

Human rights activists in Malawi have doubted the willingness of the executive and parliament to end hunger in the country, saying the Agriculture minister already mismanged funds when he was heading the foreign affairs ministry and for that reason he must be investigated for corruption before trusting him with billions in the Agricultural ministry.

In her letter Youth for Positive Change seceretary, Rhoda Kamchacha advised the President and MPs to take Chaponda to task.

“Mr President, Mr Speaker, MPs:
Sirs/Madames, I the undersigned and youth of Malawi and patriotic citizens are speaking out in total disbelief that the common sense in Malawians is not common with honourable members.

The most important question is: will words for once be followed by real actions not just sugar quoting measures?” she asked, adding: “It’s a shame to issue this letter, to push for an obvious issue in another petition seeking to ask you honourables to protect our money by not giving it to Dr Chaponda before investigating him on Foreign Affairs Cashgate and UNGA trip.”

She further wrote that the best way to end hunger in the country is not by trusting a thief.

“We all want to end this hunger and am sure the best way to do it is not to trust a thieve or a watchman who has failed before with the lion share of our money.


“So far the Ministry of Agriculture has proved to be very prone to cashgate, and if we are not careful the Minister [Chaponda] will have it all looted. He might not be the one looting per say but he has failed us in the past and he should not be trusted,” she wrote.

She continued to write that Chaponda failed as a minister of foreign affairs and he will end up messing the agricutural ministry.

“What Chaponda is doing at the Ministry of Agriculture already reflects exactly what happened during his time at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; he was in-charge of embassies to start with and , again, he was involved in “another scandal during a trip to the United Nations General Assembly.

“The nation remembers that Capitol Hill told us they only took 20 people in an interview with The Nation which Chaponda confirmed despite being a lie. Why are we still keeping such a person? Why are we promoting him? What are the youth learning from this? What are we communicating to tax payers?

“Tired of your words which were being launched as pre-election propaganda? Then show us action against your extravagance,” she added in her letter.

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