MDF soldiers to reroute Ruo river in nsanje

The Malawi Defense Force (MDF) has been assigned  to reroute Ruo river in Nsanje which has left its course and get into Mozambique, Malawi punch has learnt.


According to the Commissioner for Disaster Ben Botolo and a team of government officials from both Capital Hill and Nsanje noted that the Malawi/Mozambique boundary has moved seven kilometres into Malawi.

In addition, Makhanga, a big village in Nsanje, has been made an island .Botolo said the Malawi soldiers have the expertise to reroute the river so that it takes its old course.

“In addition, the government will build a dike to prevent the reoccurence of this,” he said.

Botolo said the government would immediately send a team of experts to see how best the problems could be dealt.


Mozambican officials were not available for comment.

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