Malawi a Failed State- Bishop Mtumbuka

Bishop for Karonga Diocese of the Catholic Church Martin Mtumbuka has bemoaned the failure by elected leaders to change the plight of poor Malawians after a girl died in Nthalire, Chitipa district due to medical staff negligence.

Mtumbuka has questioned those in authorities and how much they care about the ones they are appointed to serve.

Bishop Mtumbuka: We have failed

Bishop Mtumbuka: We have failed

Writing on his Facebook page and accompanied with pictures, Mtumbuka narrated a sad story of a girl who died at Wenya Health Centre after she was attended to by medical officials very late.

The bishop helped the deceased family getting home as there was no any other means of transport to ferry the dead body.

“This too is part of Malawi, at least on paper. The man standing on my left is carrying a dead
body of his niece who died at Wenya Health Centre around 3am today. He is walking back home with the dead body on his back because there is no other way of getting back home in this part of the warm heat of Africa,” wrote bishop Mtumbuka.

“The unfortunate girl was brought to the clinic in the early hours of yesterday morning, 11 May 2016, but the uncle says she was attended to only late last night and she died few hours after”.

He added: “According to him the girl had insufficient blood. Shortage of food? The small boy in red is not just an onlooker. He is a brother to the deceased girl. Since the mother had to walk 25kilometres to the clinic she asked him to carry his young brother who is too young to walk while the mother carried his sick sister”.

Mtumbuka said he gave a lift to the boy and uncle (in the picture) when they stopped him.

“They told me the mother was following far way behind them. The crew interviewing them is of our diocesan radio station that has accompanied me on my pastoral visit to this part of the Diocese. When we say we have failed some people in this country some people think we are only ungrateful people who have nothing to say.

“But what should these very poor and troubled souls thank the people of this country for? Is there anybody who really cares about them? I suppose they are important in so far as they can vote and clap hands. This totally is unacceptable in a functioning state”.

Bishop Mtumbuka who is also board chairperson of Malawi Economic Justice Network (Mejn) recently challenged economists to renounce text-book economics and develop a brand of practical economics that can take Malawi out of impoverished state.

Mtumbuka said reducing inequality and poverty, and promoting equity, are important macro-economic objectives, adding widening income gap between the rich and poor has highlighted the need to understand the causes of relative inequality and poverty, and to construct suitable policies to reduce poverty and narrow the income gap.

“The country’s economists including MEJN should work towards eradicating poverty in the country by ensuring that government economic policies are inclusive and that are indeed reducing poverty”.

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