Malawi Army General Fired Over Cashgate

General Ignacio Maulana

General Ignacio Maulana

President Peter Mutharika yesterday fired Malawi Defense Fonce General IEJ Maulana who was appointed by him on June 24 2014 to success General Henry Odilo. Maulana has been replaced by Gen G Supuni who hails from Mulanje, while Maulana hails from Zomba.

Malawi Punch investigative team has discovered that Maulana has been fired in connection to cashgate. Maulana was head of procurement before he rose to the highest rank of Malawi Army. He made his bosses signed on documents which were not true.

During his time in procurement office Maulana recommended a number of payments to bogus suppliers who never supplied anything to MDF known as cashgate. Maulana benefited from the plundering, which he did in collaboration with DPP gurus. Maulana resisted the reforms, head count and failed to justfy the procurement of second hand choppers.

In 2014 on 24 June 30 days after the DPP fake victory Mutharika appointed Maulana to cover up their dirty acts at the Malawi army. His appointment was a disappointment to many long serving MDF members as he was not supposed to head the army.

As of now DPP can no longer shield him from the plunder as the country is demanding for the release of cashgate names. ACB will soon bite Maulana as government has kept himdeliberately at National Food Reserve Agency as head of security which is a mockery title to a former general.

His successor general G. Supuni is a choice of MDF as a whole regardless of his Lhomwe connections, in 2015 General Supuni was beaten by Malawi police and slept in police cell at Lingadzi police area 18. According to the reliable information in possession of Malawi Punch Kachama will be the next victim and Mwapasa will replace him.



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