Lucius Banda Proposes Monetary Rewards On Albino Killings

United Democratic Front (UDF) Parliamentarian Lucius Banda has asked government to start offering cash rewards to those providing information about albino killings.

“Since these crimes are money propelled, I suggest government should offer say two million Kwacha to any one with information that would lead to the arrest of any person involved in these killings,” said Banda.

Banda said offering of money  will be the best option since things seem not to change about the abduction and killing of albinos in the country.

Stop the terror

Stop the terror

” We have condemned, marched, discussed, posted on social networks, sang, poems, drama etc, against albino killings, nothing seems to stop it,” he said.

Malawi is grappling with a spate of abductions and killings of people with albinism whose body- parts are believed by some misled sections of the society that can magically be used to make one rich. However, there is no proof to this theory.

According statistics, since 2014 over 60 people of albinism have either been abducted or killed in Malawi. The country has a population 10,000 of people with albinism.

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