Lucius Banda Fiddles With Malawians, Refuses To Apologize On Wi-Fi Demands

Balaka North Member of Parliament, Lucius Banda has refused to bow down to pressure to apologize and withdraw his request for Parliament to have free Wi-Fi services to allow Parliamentarians have internet access.

Banda had asked Minister of Information Patricia Kaliati to provide the House with wireless internet access in order for MPs to “Google” on matters arising and compare other things across the borders.

Banda (right) discussing with former information minister Kondwani Nankhumwa- file photo

We need Wi-fi- Banda (right) seems to tell minister Kondwani Nankhumwa- file photo

“I think having internet will allow us to research properly (online),”said Banda.

“For example the issue of maize purchase in Zambia, we can easily crosscheck with our neighboring country while in session. It’s not practical to have no wireless LAN (local area network) at Parliament”.

And on Thursday evening Banda apologized to the nation for his demands and withdrew the request following people’s comments on the issue.

“Having gone through the comments on this issue, I am sorry for asking for Wi-Fi I guess this question is too early for Malawi in 2016. I withdraw it, and hope one of our children will ask it in 2060, when we all will be on the same page technologically much as I still believe knowledge is way cheaper than ignorance, Am so sorry my fellow Malawians,” wrote Banda on his Facebook page.

He however, backtracked hours later, arguing he could not apologize nor withdraw the request.

“I was joking there is no way I can apologize for doing what is right. I stand by my point parliament needs Wi-Fi whether free or not Kaya Koma we need Wi-Fi”.

Banda’s request divided opinions among Malawians with many criticizing the music icon for having no consideration to poor Malawians while he pockets more money by being a Parliamentarian.

Minister of Information Kaliati said Parliament leadership should liaise with e-government officers on lack of wireless internet access.

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