Libidinous Man Defiles 3 Young Girls, Gives Them K100 Each

Police in Kasungu district have arrested a 31-year-old-man Fadieck Goliati for allegedly defiling 3 young girls in a turn.

The incident occurred on Monday 18th April, 2016 in Juma village, T/A Mwase in Kasungu. The victims are of the ages 7, 8 and 10.

It is alleged that, in the afternoon hours of 18th April the victims went to the house of the
suspect to do piece work of packing Soda in plastic bags which the suspect sells in the village.

The suspect called one of the victims into his room where he asked her to suck his penis which she denied.

The suspect then defiled the victim and gave her K100 and warned her not to tell anyone. The suspect did the same with the remaining two victims who he also gave K100 each to shut their mouths.

Police said the suspect had been defiling one of the girls several times before, and had been giving her money ranging from K50-K200 for her not to reveal the issue to anyone.

“This day it was one of the victims who it was the first time to be defiled by the suspect, who
let the cat out of the bag by reporting the matter to her mother who alerted the police,” police said.

Goliati was arrested immediately and was charged with Defilement which is contrary to Section 138 of the Penal Code. He will appear before court to answer the charge leveled against him.

Goliati comes from Mtalane village, T/A Kulambe in Phalombe district.

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