A Letter From Sgt Peter Maphedulo Of Malawi Police

Hardships of A Police officer As Life Gets Tough

Hardships of A Police officer As Life Gets Tough

Dear Editor,

I am a true Malawian and I am working in Government, I am now based at a certain Police Unit in the Capital City Lilongwe. I am writing this to you so that my voice can at least heard by the whole National And probably government officials may read this hence your page Malawi Punch is becoming popular on the land.

As you know that ‘We’ in Malawi Police Service do not conduct demonstration protesting government on the hardships we are going through, government has taken this as the advantage of not considering the Police officers. As I am talking to day, my family and I are not eating because we don’t have anything at home.

It is not easy for me to budget now since the cost of living is beyond my monthly salaries. I have been trying to search for lent house of less than K20,000 but I can not get it. I am receiving K52,000 when I remove K20,000 for lent ndikumatsala ndi K32,000.

Am failing to plan for the money with my 4 members family. I would like you to write stories which in turn It may change the mindsets of these cruel MP who live in parliament for their person gain not Malawians. My mother in Phalombe now is 6 months without sending her even K1.

Kodi pamenepa ndingapewe bwanji Katanngale ndi ziphuphu. Ntchito ndingalimbikire bwanji,. I know that our economy is not on truck but why only Juniors in civil service ere suffering? Why politicians are still buying latest cars, buying houses.

Why do MP’s obtain government loans? WHERE IS CHILIMA? ITS NOW 2YRS WHY ARE YOU SILENT ON OUR SALARIES. IS Reform only extending working hours? Is Reform punishment to Junior civil servant.

Ndikudziwa kuti mukachita post Kalata yangayi, andale andisaka, ma bwana anga a zipewa za Phala andisakanso but I I don’t care. Am ready to Die for the Truth. Nothing but the Truth shall leave Malawi police constables and Sgts Free and in PEACE. Long Live MPS

Sgt Peter Maphedulo
from Police Unit- Lilongwe

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