Kasungu DHO Commits Suicide After Killing His Pregnant Maid

District Health Officer (DHO) for Kasungu hospital Lloyd Salimu has reportedly committed suicide after he accidentally killed his 15-year-old pregnant maid.

According to confirmed information Salimu killed the maid he had been having sex with, while attempting to abort a pregnancy as he feared being prosecuted for defilement since the girl was below 18 years old.

The girl died after he administered some drugs to get rid of the pregnancy.

Salimu is married with two children- three and 13 years old girls.

Noticing that the attempted abortion has failed, and considering the complication of the matter, Salimu decided to inject himself with some drugs.

Ironically, before the suicide, Salimu has been harboring intentions to kill himself if his Facebook postings are anything to go about.

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