Kagwa Church Members Block The Church Entrance

FB_IMG_1470682239793Instead of praying and studying the word of God on Sunday morning 7th August Christians at St Monica and out station for Kagwa parish in Lilongwe city resulted to leave their bibles aside and chased a new priest who was supposed to lead them into prayers at the station.

The angry Christians on Sunday morning expressed their anger by locking and not allowing anyone to enter the church.

According to sources the issue is connected with recent transfer of two Indian priests from Kagwa catholic parish to Mua catholic parish in Dedza where it is alleged that they were sent there to language and cultural course.

The transfer came after the Indian priests disagreed with some church members.

However Francis Kachiza Chigule St monica church council told our sources that they will continue chasing any new priest that is sent to the area until they are fully told the reasons why the Indian priests who used to serve them all the times were chased away from the area.

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