As hunger strikes: Learners disown new govt school timetable

By Chikondi Lungu

It has come to the sight that the new school timetable that Malawi government through Ministry of Education introduced is being violated as learners in the country are knocking off from school before recommended time to fetch food.

As the country is swimming in the ocean of hunger, learners are reported to have leaving classes at midday before the recommended time of 2:30 PM.

Food is essential to education

Food is essential to education

According to a report compiled by one of the media house in the country, learners from Kang’oma and Chitheka primary schools in Nkhata Bay abandon their prospective classes before lunch time a situation head teachers from the two schools conceded that they fail to control.

James Zimba, the headmaster at Kang’oma Primary School confided that there is nothing they could do hence letting the learners to knock off and fetch food.

“The learners lose concentration after lunch so we just let them to go and eat. In fact, some of them complain that they come to school with empty bellies and finds it impossible to meet the recommended time of 2:30 PM,” said Zimba.

In his remarks, the head teacher of Chitheka Primary School in the district also adopted the sentiments of his counterpart saying the performance of learners in Nkhata Bay is likely to go down.

A research this publication run shows that most of the parents in rural areas are against the newly introduced timetable as it is giving children too much to carry especially during this hunger period.

Psychologists in the country have described the timetable as boring to primary school learners.

Malawi government through Ministry of Education said the timetable was introduced as a move aiming at improving education standards in the country.



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