Govt agents in blame game as Veep implicated in MEC regalia scandal

By Chikondi Lungu

Malawi Electoral Commission- MEC has distanced itself from the involvement of Vice President Saulos Chilima’s aide Moses Kuchingale in by- elections that took place on November 1 this year wearing MEC’s regalia.

MEC has so far implicated district councils as being the source for MEC regalia that was found with Kuchingale who many believes was sent by his master to chair a  at Kamwendo Polling Station in Mchinji, Malawi Punch has learnt.

MEC took itself out; APM, Veep implicated

MEC took itself out; APM, Veep implicated

Growing in suspicious, Malawi Congress Party (MCP) officials demanded an explanation from authorities regarding the ‘MEC official tag’ while the election was underway and later Kuchingale was seen escaping the environment.

When asked of where the veep’s hand took the tag and authority to engage in the exercise, Chairperson for Electoral Services Jean Mathanga implicated district councils as possible source of the tag and revealed that there are many such tags and other regalia at the councils since the referendum in 2003.

“We are very sure that Kuchingale got the tag from a district council because that is the only place the tags are found. But we are yet to get official report from the investigators. Investigations are still underway,” she said.

Mathanga further denied any arrangement between the vice president’s associate and MEC saying their suspicion lays in  DCs office since it was an old badge and it was reported that some DC offices are keeping badges for the 2003 [1993] referendum exercise and 2004 [1994] election.

But asked how safe and credible the 2019 elections will be considering that the regalia can be accessed easily and be abused, Mathanga said: “Safety for 2019 is guaranteed. Mec is meeting on Wednesday and the Mchinji incident is one of the issues to be looked at,” she said.

However efforts to talk with Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development went fruitless as their telephone was not available.

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