Government plans to legalize same sex marriages ; Instructs MHRC to carry out public enquiries

Government  instructs the Malawi human rights commission to conduct public inquiries to hear out on what Malawians think about legalizing same sex marriages,Malawi punch has learnt.
The issue of gay rights has made headlines since the arrest and subsequent pardon of two gays Steven Muonjeza and Tionge Chimbalanga at the intervention of the UN’s Ban Ki Moon in 2010.

Secretary for justice Dr Jennet Banda   confirmed in an interview government would like to make an informed position on the matter to the public enquiries.

“We want to hear ideas from people on the legalizing of same semi sex marriages, as government we have to follow what people choose by any means public demand wins”, explained Jennet Banda.

Meanwhile the issue of legalizing the same sex marriages comes amid the controversy on the abortion legalizing bill which was bemoaned by catholic priests.

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