George Chaponda apoints high court judges, is he Acting President?

Chaponda: Now acting President?

Following a meeting that he called for at Sanjika Palace, Minister of Agriculture who is also Vice President for DPP George Chaponda has apointed four high court judges, to start work with immidiete effect. Here are the judges apointed by Chaponda.

1. Mr. Joseph Chigona,

2. Mrs. Dorothy de Grabrielle,

3. Mrs. Ruth Chinangwa, and

4. Mr. George Bakuwa 

Chaponda has made the nation believe that the judges have been apointed by Mr Peter Mutharika when it is infact a big lie because President Mutharika has been ill for the past weeks and he has not been heard or seen since UNGA.

Malawi Punch is trying to understand as to why the judges have been apointed at this hour and our investigative journalist is on the ground.

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