Farmers World Partners Ever Beam In Electrifying Africa

Farmers World and Ever Beam have entered into partnership through the Maeve project which is promoting solar lamps products in the central region. Speaking to Malawi Punch, sales and marketing manager Solar Division at Maeve Tendai Chambati, said we are using Farmers World depots in the central region to sell Niwa Uno 50 and Niwa Multi 100 solar lamps.
We have seen that most people in the country are disadvantaged as they don’t have no electricity. They are using candles and kerosene which are not only expensive but also hazards to health.These solar products that are lighting Africa are environmentally friendly and also cheap.

These solar lamps got guarantee of 5 years and customers can return faulty products within this period. We have seen that most of the rural people are using fake products. We are working with Farmers World in selling and also dissemination of messages on benefits of these lamps, ” said Chambati yesterday in Lilongwe. He said the products have been certified by the Energising Development (Endev) through the electrifying Africa programme.
He said in order to reach out to the masses they have introduced a promotion called Ever Beam in which sales managers that manage to make more sales in Farmers World depots will stand to win K50 000 cash every month.
It’s just a matter of encouraging the sales people to reach out more to the rural people, ” said Chambati.
Farmers World Assistant Area manager for Dowa, Ntchisi and Kasungu districts Felex Sambakusi said the world all over rely on solar energy.
“We welcome the idea of this partnership because power energy is a very big problem in the country. These products will help households to conserve energy and also at the same time save.

These solar lamps a guarantee of eight hours of light every day and that’s much more than fake lamps on the market that lasts for just 2 hours,” said Sambakusi.
“We are encouraging our managers to enlight people on the importance of using solar energy.

You know the illiteracy levels of many people and it is important that they get to know the benefits of solar power through awareness messages, ” said Sambakusi.

He said the solar lamps also contain a component where people can use to charge their phones.

Solar Lumps

Solar Lumps

“Instead of walking long distance to charge their phones and pay K100, people can charge their phones on these solar lamps, ” said Sambakusi. Mphatso Kasiya branch manager at Farmers World Ntchisi branch is the first person to win the K50 000 prize after selling more solar lamps in the month of June.

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