Exposed: Kaliati To Blow Tax Payers Money On DPP Propaganda Strategists At Hapuwani

Minister Of Information Patricia Kaliati

Minister Of Information Patricia Kaliati

The Malawi Punch has uncovered that Gideon Munthali, Gerald Viola are cheating Patricia Kaliati in forming Media Strategy Commitee: It never rains but pours for Patricia Kaliati who seems headless like her boss APM.

Malawi Punch has learnt that, Kaliati has been goofing by releasing press statements on instructions from Gideon Munthali who looks the most favourite to Kaliati in her Information Ministry.

Munthali’s press releases which are disposed off to other media outlets by Chikondi Chimala nearly landed Kaliati into trouble or losing her post as Minister when her press release contradicted APM on Zitchetche where Kaliati agreed with the rest of the world that APM had said ZITETE and that APM was joking with Malawians when He mentioned of eating grasshoppers.

This never pleased APM who had another time in Zomba to clarify what he had said in Limbuli- Mulanje which contradicted the Government spokesperson. Kaliati is just faulted but Gideon is the shooting under the background in order to be considered for an elevation as Director of Information.

As we speak, Munthali and Viola convinced Kaliati to form a group of propagandists from the cadets of Blue League headed by Limbani Magomero the Director of ICT in State House and from the Patriotic Democratic Cadets popularly known as PDC whose patron is Chimwemwe Chipungu who recently with his business guru Ben Phiri were involved in forcing Central Medical Stores to give supply tenders to some crooks who later supplied expired drugs to Malawi Government.

These two boys Viola and Gideon convinced Kaliati and Kaliati sourced funding from MACRA and this Friday 12th August 2016, the teams from PDC led by Kelvin Tchale and Blue League led by Charles Kaziwe who recently wanted to beat councillors in Mzuzu for supporting the Opposition will be at Hapuwani Lodge in Mulanje to strategize on how to deal with the media so that some reporters must be beaten once they write negative stories against DPP and APM.

The targeted reporters are Archbald Kasakula, George Kasakula, Deogratias Mmana, Rex Chikoko, Emily Mkamanga, Sugzo Khunga, Golden Matonga and Madaliso Mussa. The meeting will conclude same day on Friday and the guys will go back to their destinations for operations.

Malawi Punch will continue to give you the update of the meting which will be chaired by Patricia Kaliati, sponsored by MACRA and each participants are expected to get K50,000 each excluding transport.

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