Dzaleka Refugees Camp To Be Relocated

Government says it is still in consultation process on its plan to relocate Dzaleka refugee’s camp from Dowa district to the northern region of Malawi.

Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security Jappie Mhango said that currently government is discussion with different stakeholders on the issue as to which district to move the camp.

Mhango sited security concerns and easy repatriation of the refugee’s back to their countries as some of the reasons which prompted the move.

“Consultations are ongoing you cannot always agree you differ but at the end of the day we still have to make a decision and move the camp from where it is today to a new place, the two procedures that I have mentioned are the ones that we are considering,” said Mhango

“We would want to take people to close to where they enter the country and currently where they are there are a number of challenges we face and some of them are security measures so as a government we would want to make it easy for us to protect them,” said Mhango.

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