Jessie Kabwila's car

Jessie Kabwila’s car

The DPP hit squad has this evening sent a deadly warning to Jessie Kabwila, Spokes person for MCP by petro bombing her car Toyota Fortuner Reg Number DZ 495 at golf club.

The DPP has for the past weel failed to accept its failures over University fees hike which forced students to go into the street. The DPP alleged that Kabwila as a former lecture is behind the students demostrations.

This made President Mutharika to be very angry and asked his followers why do you let Kabwila shake Malawi. Peter Mutharika’s camp met yesterday at Kamuzu Palace where they resolved to suspend the head of the secret service Nichorus Dausi.

The meeting was convened following the Zomba demostrations which forced the USA first lady Dr Jill Biden to cancel her trip to Machinga and return to Blantyre after seeking refuge at Zomba police. The gutting of Kabwila’s car is a response to the pledge Dausi and fail cadets made to Mutharika.

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