Dickson Kashoti one of the notable Malawian jiurnalists who has been supporting the dpp government, has made a dramatic turn by attacking government over fee hiking and students demistrations.

This nonsense of linking any protests to the opposition must stop! Lazarus Chakwera cannot be involved in students protests because he has larger than life problems in his MCP whilst JB or Uladi Mussa, whoever is in charge in PP, is busy making sure that the party stops falling apart said Kashoti.

Kashoti said that the government or the Democratic Progressive Party can be more progressive if they concede that things are not fine in Malawi. The cost of living has drastically gone up, the government has hit its own people with numerous taxes.

In these hard and harsh economic times, it is insensitive to raise fees. Other students from the University of Malawi constituent colleges who are on campus should protest as well to send the message clear, peacefully though.

Kashoti has asked Students of Mzuzu University and MUST to show solidarity to their counterparts of the University of Malawi. Kashoti continued to say thst, Malawi is bleeding indeed therefore this is not the right time to inflict more injuries to the bleeding citizens otherwise we will bleed no more but bleed to death!

The student’s demonstrations has made the DPP government and its leadership to blame Jessie Kabwila and others as people behind the whole saga.

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