DPP, Mukhito Recruiting Cadets Into Malawi Police

The ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has been caught pants down after recruiting 300 of its own youth-wing members into Malawi Police Service.

Exclusive information provided to this publication reveals that the Malawi Police recruitment process is turning into an exclusive club that caters to members of the ruling political party.

Initiated the recruitment- Mukhito

Mukhito: Initiated recruitment

The newly released police recruit list comprises 300 cadets who are being inducted into the force without mandatory written and oral interviews.

Information gathered reveals that the DPP has hand-selected the cadets from the Southern, Central and Northern regions of Malawi with the intention of enforcing its presence in the Service.

Investigations have uncovered that the recruitment idea is a brain-child of State General Manager Peter Mukhito.

Mukhito is using the Malawi Police Service to ensure DPP and its President Peter Mutharika have enough muscle to deal with pressure from political parties.

The recruited police officers names were sent to police head office in Lilongwe to be entered into the government system and sent back to three regions, however an inside source within the police said the new recruits were supposed to be given their offer letters through the regional head offices where they attended oral interviews.

DPP cadets now recruited into Police

DPP cadets now recruited into Police











But Mukhito, a DPP executive member, and some police top officials have replaced some names with their relatives and cadets who did not attend both written and oral interviews.

According to information at hand, each region has selected approximately 100 cadets to be trained in the force and these will be used as a mechanism to provide security during the 2019 elections.

Malawi Police Service conducted written and oral interviews on the 12th and 17th April, 2016. The new recruits are expected to report for training in all Police Training Schools on May 16, 2016.

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