Declaration Of War As Mutharika Choose To Side With Thieves And Not The Country


Peter Mutharika

Peter Mutharikag

Having waited for almost over a month anticipating President Peter Mutharika would bow to pressure from within and without and lay off his seven minsters in the cabinet so that they must appear in court, citizens and the country are officially declaring war against the president and the thieves that he shields.

Listening to his lame excuses that has contradicted himself in many occasions, it clearly indicate that Peter Mutharika has chosen the side with the thieves and abandoned the interest and needs of citizens and country. For once the president reiterated that he did not know of the ministers in his cabinet that were involved in the grand cash gate, later he challenged the citizens to provide names to him despite offices of National Audit, ACB and Parliamentary committee having the said audit reports.

Media houses have published the names and the deputy chairperson of the Parliamentary committee has openly defied the President by proudly assuring Malawians that the president in his full capacity as the commander in chief lied to the country when he said he do not have the names. All these shows enough reasons why citizens must declare war against the leader who openly sides with thieves yet he is the president of the country.

As from now President Mutharika stops being the legitimate leader of Malawi, the seven names of ministers out from social media must be authenticated for there can absolutely never be smoke without fire; therefore the seven ministers must not regarded or be called by their ministerial titles. Instead they must be called thieves.

President Peter Mutharika cease to be addressed as His Excellency he is an ordinary person clinging to power while his hands are stained with dirty money. He will never be addressed as the president rather be called by his real name with suffix the “thief”.

Preparations must start when new elections must be called to choose a new leader whose hands are clean to rid the country from grand cash gate to sanity.

Whenever he holds rally elsewhere across the country he must be booed as a thief, and only followers from his party must follow him wherever he goes not citizens.

We call upon the upcoming all party conference by PAC in September to declare the presidency of Peter Mutharika null and void and empower the new MEC to call for fresh elections.

On that conference PAC must consider the following:-

1. Peter Mutharika has failed to stop corruption and cash gate taking place on a daily basis under his rule.
2. Peter Mutharika has failed to bring to book cronies implicated in corruption in his cabinet.
3. Peter Mutharika has lied to the country that he does not have names of thieves yet he has.
4. Peter Mutharika cannot be trusted to be a leader of Malawi when he dine and sit with thieves.
5. Peter Mutharika has failed to recuperate the ailing economy.
6. Peter Mutharika has failed to end hunger affecting 8 million citizens.
7. Peter Mutharika has failed to stabilize the economy and currency in the country.
8. Peter Mutharika has failed to run the affairs of state for everything has fallen apart.
9. Peter Mutharika has failed to bring to book all cash gate suspects despite Joyce Banda listing them.
10.Peter Mutharika is a destroyer of the hope for the future of Malawi.

Peter Mutharika choice to side with thieves and defy the country and citizens by shielding thieves and protecting culprits from his ruling party are enough reasons that the man has failed to run the country and therefore he cannot be entrusted to complete his term till 2019 for the country will be destroyed badly than it is now.

As it is said you can judge the character of a person by the type of friends he acquaint with . Peter Mutharika siding with thieves who are enemies of state mark him a thief and enemy of the country too.

There is no way we can wait till 2019 for his removal when all eyes are on us as to what we are doing with corrupt and thieving officials sitting in ministerial positions when the country is dry of cash, affected by killing hunger, have no medicines in hospitals.

We love our country than anything else. Yet Peter Mutharika has publicly displayed that he love thievery more than the country that employed him. He is the worst enemy Malawi has ever gotten in her 52 years of existence.

It is better to have no leader than to have a leader that is heart less like Peter Mutharika. The country is sitting with so many challenges created by Cash gate but he behaves as if everything is okay yet he is eating and enjoying our taxes while we citizens are gnashing teeth and dying from curable diseases.

This is not happening and cannot be allowed to happen.

We will have trust in Peter Mutharika the day he and his 7 minions are proved innocent from the courts of law, lest we hate him and his rotten ministers to hell.

Saunders Jumah the Utopian
Mzika Za Mdziko Movement [MZM]
Malawi Freedom Network [MFN]
Malawi Watch.

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