Court Resumes Operations In Chitipa After Corrupt Police Officers Pocketed MK507, 250

The Judiciary has resumed operations at Nthalire Magistrate Court in Chitipa district after five months of inactivity due to alleged corruption practices by the Malawi Police Service.

Media reports revealed that from January to May this year, police officers in the district were not taking cases to the court; instead they were allegedly releasing suspects after receiving kickbacks.

Recently irate communities of Traditional Authority Nthalire protested against the district’s police station, demanding for justice to prevail on the matter by asking the law-enforcers to return their money and domestic animals.

Disagreements ensued between the infuriated communities of Group Village Headman Nthalire and police officers of Chitipa during the discussion mediated by the Nthalire Network to pave way for the solution to the alleged corrupt practices by the law enforcers.

It is alleged that police officers in the district were taking the law into their own hands by intentionally concealing crimes and acquitting suspects without taking cases to the court of law after receiving bribes of different forms from the accused persons.

Nthalire Network has revealed that from January to May this year, Chitipa police had only referred five cases to the district’s Magistrate Court for hearing as compared to 42 cases in the same period last year.

As if this is not enough, police officers in the district are reported to have ruled out 12 other cases after receiving bribes amounting to MK507, 250 and domestic animals like goats and chickens from the suspects.

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