Afraid of being toppled from power the ruling Democratic  Progressive Party, the DPP has taken some new strides in an effort to weaken  the opposition.

The DPP has been caught pants down in sponsoring some MCP District Chairmen to bring confusion in the might MCP.

Our sources  within the party have revealed that the DPP which slowly os losing grip of the southern region where it had some good support, hired  three minibuses, for  supporters in MCP regalia that the DPP is manipulating.

This group is being sponsored by the DPP  so that they bring confusion and division in the mighty MCP.

At the function, the government also fought hard to bring the crew from the biased TVM.

“Kunabwera TVM yokha and that tells you that the district chairmen are indeed being sponsored by DPP.

” Otherwise our side never invited TVM. So the question would be how did TVM know?” Said one of the genuine MCP supporters.

He added: “All along we have known they were being sponsored by DPP but it was hard to say it without concrete evidence

” A top guy in MCP was getting some big cash from DPP and paying them. ”

It has been discovered that the DPP sponsored MCP  team has also been printing campaign materials to get destabilise the MCP and get rid of its part leader Dr. Lazarus Chakwera.

“These three disowned the petition and claimed they were being  sponsored, it not what they wanted.” said Chimphepo from Nkhatabay.

In Kasungu east there is A Chimphamba while in Nkhotakota East there is F Kachembwe.

The district chairmen who were distributing campaign material so that  people should gang against  Dr Chakwera are Harold Nseula from Zomba, Peter Lihonga from  Thyolo, Peter Phiri from.Mulanje, L Khamalatha of Dedza East and  L Mapulesi from Salima.

Khamalatha ndi Mapulesi are leaders of the group per say and ones who went to as far as Mangochi and  the entire lake shore districts distributing the items.

“They were told off by Magochi residents because the people were against the move

“Per constitution ya MCP, MCP had set to have elections for DCs, this is a requirement in our constitution  to have these election every 3 years.

“When MCP set up the elections. DPP paid the DCs to take an injunction against the elections as they were planning to use these DCs to choose weaker MCP cadets for parliament, Councillors and Presidents.

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