Circumcised men at risk of cancer

As the Malawi Government is still mobilizing on circumcision campaigns,Information sourced by Malawi punch indicates that circumcised men in the country and across the World are at risk of contracting forpenal cancer.


According to United Kingdom scientists, the cancer affects men who have cut their foreskins and a minority of men whose members are not cut.

The researchers found out that there is a carcinogen in the underwear’s that affect the internal skin of the penis directly.

This carcinogen is very concentrated and it comes from the a_nus mixed when with sweat.

The new cancer has since been discovered in South Africa and other countries in Europe.

Speaking in an interview with Metro Fm, South Africa’s Minister of Health Aaron Motsoaledi confirmed of the new cancer.

”Remember as faeces are passed some remain inside and some are even trapped by the hair around a_nus,in that case all those who are circumcised are in danger as the carcinogen eventually reach the penis,we have since received reports of for penal cancer around South Africa and the statistics are very disturbing”, said the Minister.

The Minister has since encouraged men to immediately stop circumcision until the government find the most effective way to fight the new disease.

Meanwhile chances are high that the new cancer may spread to Malawi.

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