Chitinkha spits fire at Chakwera, blames Sidik Mia for party intra-fighting

Malawi Congress Party politician Chatinkha Chidzanja Nkhoma has lashed out at former minister Muhammad Sidik Mia as the one causing Malawi Congress Party (MCP) wrangles, confirming what the party’s Secretary General Gustave Kaliwo raised in his letter to president of MCP Lazarus Chakwera.

Chatinkha: Mia should use normal procedures to join MCP or else form his party
Chatinkha: Mia should use normal procedures to join MCP or else form his party

Chidzanja Nkhoma, who is now calling herself as Permanent Member of the MCP , said this during a media briefing she jointly held with some district chairmen of the party to react on the court rulling that has reinstated them Into the party after she was dismissed with other members.

She said Mia, who is tipped to join the MCP, has been causing all problems saying he is bankrolling the rebuilding of party thereby creating parallel structures.

“If he has a lot of money let him form his own party. Others have done that before. If he wants to join MCP then he must follow the rights procedures,” said Chatinkha.

She went further claiming that Mia has been calling MCP leaders to a meeting at his house when he has no power to call for the meeting, advising him to come in open and join the party.

Chatinkha also alleged that Mia is proposing to change MCP symbol of Tambala and slogan of Kwacha.

In a letter to Chakwera, the party’s Secretary General Gustave Kaliwo wondered what relationship the party has with Mia.

Kaliwo said the relationship between Mia and the party was “causing confusion” and described it as “the worst kept secret”.

“You are aware that there are party officials that are working with Hon Sidik Mia. There is talk of parallel structures being established in readiness for his coming to the party.

“I have no problem whatsoever welcoming Hon Sidik Mia and working with him in the party. He just needs to join openly and work with us openly. The current working relationship with him is causing confusion and leaving people wondering as to who is fooling who?” he said.

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