Legal experts are angry with Chitinkha who has been pushing for an MCP convention while the case is still in the hands of the court.

According to experts, Chitinkha’s behaviour is unacceptable considering the fact that the court is yet to give a ruling on the matter.

“Time and again it said that a person must not comment on issues that are in court to avoid influencing the judge’s decision.

“Chitinkha was wrong to take the matter to MBC, This person does not seem to understand what is at stake here because in reality she is breaking the law.”

“Chances are high that the Judge will see her statement a thing which might have an effect on the Judge’s judgement. According to high court rules this is not accepted and she has a case to answer.”

“I feel sorry for Mutharika too because his closest DPP members are doing this to destroy his reputation and later remove him as a President. But still that will be too late for DPP to win back trust and support if it cannot change today.” reads the statement.

Chatinkha Jere, the wife of DPP member Chauncy Jere is fighting MCP to remove Dr Lazarus Chakwera.

recently, Chief Justice Andrew Nyirenda according to nyasatimes argued Courts and Judges to be professional and avoid partisan conduct to meet the expectations of Malawians in handling cases and Malawian to follow court orders to make Malawi a better place.

“Failure to live to the expectations of Malawians will make this your post just symbolic,” said the Nyilenda.

According to the Judge, until the confusion is remedied, the court will have to do its best to sense the provisions that were, in truth, poorly crafted and other factors that can affect the cases.

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