Malawi punch has disvovered that there is chaos within Malawi police over corruotion, nepotism and leadership challenges. There is this strong rumour that some girls who went to Dafur 2 years ago are the ones going this August.

The 35 girls who went to the UN peace keeping mission in Darfur have managed to fool the police leadership with fake letters whereby the letters indicate that they worked very well and they were recommended during their exit.

Acoording to one of the officers currently serving in Darfur who opted for annonemity revealed to Malawi Punch the claims of girls are fake, this is not what it is here in dafur but the girls are greedy and fooled our own DIG Mr Dunken Mwapasa who seems to be clever but when it comes to UN activities he knows nothing.

All the names for these crooked police women were submitted by police with their index numbers now they are just waiting for visas, police its not on,there alot of girls in police who can do better than them sure those letters are fake and find away to trace them these letters were drafted by themselvrs just to fool you and you have been fooled indeed,these ladies are crook and they don’t even deserve that special treatment with UN said the source.

These officers have purely fooled the authorities and justice is needed, they are taking advantage because of what happened to Esther Bisika so everyone wants to come here,these girls among them are supt Agnes Mwabumba,Monica Mdala,Yamikani Kauma,and in total they are 35.

According to some officers whom Malawi Punch interviwed it has shown that there is resentment among officers who attended interviews for the same. How do you expect us to be honest, loyal and dedicated when our leadership is entertaining unbecoming behaviour within police and we want something to be done immediately.

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