Cashgate Belongs To DPP And Deliberately Implicated Former President Joyce Banda

As a genuine Malawian, DPP Member and Supporter and Patriot for that matter. Let me set the record straight here that Dr Joyce Banda never stole money in the infamous Cashgate as popularized by the real thieves in DPP. Dr Joyce Banda has just been a conduit of Government looting. What happened is that Bingu wa Mutharika (MHSRIP) employed DPP guys in strategic areas including in Capital Hill where the loot took place.

Bingu used various Ministers and top civil servants in amassing wealth for Himself and for the family. These people had no clue on what and how to do it because our system of payment at the Treasury was manual. Bingu cleverly agreed with Goodal to establish the IFMIS system which was adopted from Tanzania and where the server for Malawi IFMIS was kept.

Their reason was to siphon government money through it. They did it using the accounts personnel until Bingu died. This is why on His death He had so much wealth within and outside Malawi.

When Dr Joyce Banda became president, she didnt know what the small boys were doing with their previous master. She just fired big people in the service leaving enemies of the state who continued looting Government. But when She discovered that some civil servants were involved in Cashgate, Joyce ordered the courts to prosecute all perpetrators of government downfall.

It is no secret at all that Peter the current president who will be kicked out of power this October knew everything his brother was doing and he has been implicated as well. He bought MHC houses at a give away, how could one buy a house in Area 10 at 4 million Kwacha plus a big plot on it ? There was total theft with APM too and NO wonder he is shielding the seven Ministers from being arrested to avoid being mentioned

The genesis of Cashgate is with DPP and with APM. Unless we kick these thieves out, we shall not know the truth about our K577 billion looting.

It is also no secret at all that Bingu’s Galaxy rushed into releasing the names of companies and individuals who were implicated in that October Cashgate break in order to simply make PP’s image grossly bad hence the contribution to the loss in the election while in the true sense cashgaters are these guys in power today.

Zikundipweteka that justice is not coming out on clear evidence on who did what? Malawi, is this what we voted for?

Joyce Banda is just a victim of circumstances yet the thieves are the ones who caused trouble in parliament on 21 st October citing Cashgate involvement of Khumbo Kachale hence he could not open the Parliament session,,, serious? when Chaponda knew the truth that him and his friends including our APM were also not angels? Today, I conclude that thueves are in our DPP and not Joyce Banda- yes there might be two or more sympathisers of JB who are victims, but they did that after being educated by the crooks of DPP.

Peter And Bingu

Peter And Bingu

APM knows the seven Cabinet Ministers, he has the NAO report, as President showing he is fighting corruption just like what JB did, him too should have ordered release of the names for Malawians to take him serious. He should stop faulting PP and JB for mess he is causing to this country. AM not happy. Resign and let Chilima take over honourably President APM.

Again, JB never stole money!!!!! APM and friends stole money and more money I tell you.

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