Bushiri favoured to rule Malawi in 2019, “Agalu inu musandibowe ndili mwamuna,” Kaliati comments.

Malawi Punch took it to the streets in an opinion poll to determine who the favourite is come 2019 general elections. The poll was conducted physically (by our reporters) and electronically through voting on Malawi Punch’s website and Facebook page.

Names of four possible candidates were put forward. They included Atupele Muluzi of UDF, Lazalo Chakwera of MCP, Peter Mutharika of DPP and Shepherd Bushiri of ECP. However, it was a race between ECP President Bushiri and DPP President Muthalika (Refer to the poll post on Malawi Punch’s page. Simply scroll down).

At the end of the vote, Bushiri, known as Major 1 or Papa among his followers emerged winner with 39% of the votes followed by Peter Mutharika who scooped 21%. The rest shared the other votes.

When contacted to comment on the polls, DPP’s die hard Kaliati shouted at the reporter saying she is happily taken and doesn’t need a man.

“Agalu inu musandibowe ndili ndi mwamuna. Wakupatsa number yanga ndani chitsilu iwe. Ukuwona ngati ndingakufune mphawi wachabe chabe usayimbenso,” she said before hanging the phone. To listen to the audio recording of the phone call, request the clip via email at [email protected].

It remains hidden whether the man of God harbours ambitions to contest as president. However, according to a well done investigations by National Intelligence Boss Nicholas Dausi, Bushiri is expected to form a party called Enlightened Christian Party (ECP) and will stand as President in 2019.

The man of God has so far refuted the allegations. Malawians simply watch as drama unfolds.


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4 thoughts on “Bushiri favoured to rule Malawi in 2019, “Agalu inu musandibowe ndili mwamuna,” Kaliati comments.

  1. If God can chose him in the world to reveal things non know, He has already been elected even if no man comes on the street to vote him. God voted him for the people and He have the interest of the people that is why he is chosen by God. If he becomes the president tomorrow, it for the interest of the people and He will do His best as he has done his best as the man of God delivering people from poverty, demons, sickness, He will sure deliver. From Nigeria

  2. if dis website is rational why did it not contact Bushiri or his aid as well?

    what was the website’s voting n its results to do with Mw gvnmt or any contender afterwards?

    if some Malawian blame Chakwera for quitting God’s folk to politics, wats de defference with Bushiri? will he be right,then? if yes y do we blame Chakwera today?

    Hence, i raise my eye bowes on dis development

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