British Government urged Journalists to expose hidden secrets by government officials to fight corruption in Malawi.

British Government encourages Journalists to expose hidden secrets by government officials as one way of developing the country

British government says Malawi can deal with corruption cases unless journalists announce well investigated stories concerning corruption.

The British embassy of this country Symon Mustard said this in Blantyre on Tuesday when opening a three day journalists meeting on how to investigate corruption cases.

The embassy has also launched a place to teach journalism named Raphael Tenthani at Polytechnic University.

Mustard said journalists who write well investigated stories play a major role in revealing top hidden secrets by government officials.

However the vice chancellor of polytechnic university Professor John Kalengasaka said that journalists are the most essential information people who help in developing the country.

Kalengasaka also recommended the establishment of the Raphael Tenthani’s room at polytechnic university saying that the room will help in enhancing journalism studies at the university.

“This place will help us to educate each other according to the studies we are offering through the department of Journalism and Media and will help journalists to advance their journalism knowledge there by helping in development of this country”, explained Kalengasaka.

The Britain country has spent money amounting up to 27000pounds in constructing the Raphael Tenthani building.

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